Steilacoom Historical Museum Association
Eat like a pioneer! Enjoy These Recipes for homemade butter and homemade drop biscuits from the olde days of Steilacoom.
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The Quarterlies were published by SHMA 1972 – 2007. Each has one or two articles on a piece of Steilacoom’s history. 
Historic Photos  We will e-mail one good quality .jpg photo file per request per the instructions at this web site. 
Watch the Fall and Rise of the Orr Home ‒ Former SHMA President Dave Welch explains what happened in 1996 when the Orr Home fell off its supports and how SHMA worked to repair the building to better than it was before.
Watch ten minute news story about historic Steilacoom and some of its residents.
Search for stories or videos about Washington’s history.
Ask our Curator. Can’t find an answer in our Quarterlies or other site? Send an e-mail to our Curator, Marianne Bull.
Ask the Director 
Want to know more about SHMA’s activities, what’s happening later in the year, where help is needed, how you can get involved with this great organization? Send an e-mail to our Director, French Wetmore, and learn the latest.
Entertain the younger kids with these activities with historical themes. 
Educate the older kids with these lesson plans on Washington history topics. For additional ideas and lesson plans for historical topics check here.
Play trivia with the Burke Museum’s From Home Trivia Night.
See what’s happening and get more ideas from others in Steilacoom:

SHMA’s Facebook page 
Resources for Parents of Steilacoom Historic School District #1 
The Steilacoom Community Bulletin Board.

Guess the artifact   Can you guess what these artifacts are? Who used them? What were they used for?
For fun and educational historical activities for families and teachers, visit the Washington State Historical Society’s History at Home page.

Watch a video of a SHMA member talking about her move to the US and being welcomed by the Steilacoom community.
History Hunt There are four pages, two with questions on the Orchard and a shorter downtown walking tour and two with the answers.
Family Fun 
and Education Resources
Take the Historic Steilacoom Walking Tour