The Steilacoom Historical Museum Association serves the public by preserving local culture, thereby enabling present and future generations to learn about and maintain the heritage of the Town of Steilacoom. 


● Educate the public about the Town’s historical significance and advocate the preservation of symbols of that significance,
● Operate a cluster of museums and collect, preserve and interpret materials that exemplify the history of Steilacoom, and thereby preserve the memories of longtime residents,
● Restore and maintain the Association’s historical structures,
● Present public and private events that celebrate Steilacoom’s characteristics and
promote a sense of community,
● Follow sound and accountable financial practices,
● Carry out all objectives and activities in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Museums of the American Alliance of Museums (Attachment A).
History of the Steilacoom Historical Museum Association

Steilacoom Historical Museum Association
1801 Rainier St. Steilacoom, WA 98388 

The Steilacoom Historical Museum Association’s web site mission is to digitally collect, preserve, and share the history of the Town of Steilacoom to foster better understanding and appreciation of the personalities, groups, commerce, labor, and values that built our town and contribute to our heritage.


Provide general information about our historic properties and the town history.
Preserve digital photos and documents concerning the town history.
Incorporate appropriate gifts of photos and documents into collections online.
Promote public and private events that promote our goals and build a sense of community.
Assist researchers in finding historical documents we have on file.
Present essential data about the Association.
Provide a way for people to donate to the Association.
Provide a method of becoming a member and renewing membership.
Keep history of last year’s events.
Allow two-way communication with visitors.
Will not commit to any app or program that requires an on-going payment without director or board approval.
Have a reasonable look and feel while being simple to maintain.


Mission and Goals