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Check our great library of historical photographs of Steilacoom at  
Steilacoom Historical Museum Association
1801 Rainier St.  Steilacoom, WA  98388
For more information about historic Steilacoom visit
Check out this cool video from Comcast's "Neighborhoods" show about Steilacoom's historic buildings!

The Museum is currently closed. 
We will re-open when quarantine conditions & directives allow. When open, the museum will be open Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 1:00 ‒ 5:00. 
Our Buildings are Closed but Our Grounds are Open

SHMA is closed during the quarantine orders from Governor Inslee. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see. When the weather’s nice and you’re taking a walk, drop by the Museum patio. Have you read the informational signs on our history? See if your kids can find all four of them.
Continue to check back here for updates.
You may see more bees than usual in our orchard during the sunny, warm, times of day. Don’t worry. These are non-aggressive orchard mason bees. They do not sting. They are slightly smaller than honey bees and are shiny and dark blue in color. They do not excavate holes in the wood and are not destructive insects.
Orchard mason bees are excellent pollinators that favor fruit trees. They have been provided free by Rick Mercier over the last several years. They live for only about 2 months, pollinating when the trees bloom and then laying eggs before they die. Rick will then collect the eggs and hold them in cold storage until next spring, when we hope he will bring them back again.
When you do visit us, don’t forget your social distancing.