Thank you for your support of this                             year's "Tasting the Squeeze." It                             brought in some much needed                             income and we hope it reminded                             you of our annual Apple Squeeze,                             which we plan to have once again                             next year.

Join us for our October Library Speaker Series talk on Friday, October 9, at 2:00.  Steilacoom Tribal Chair and Storyteller Danny Marshall will take us   
on a journey to understand tribal life in the 19th century. He calls on us to explore what it was like 
for the first people on the Southern Puget Sound.

This will be an online Zoom presentation. 
Click here to go to the Pierce County 
Library for instructions and to register.​

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Check our great library of historical photographs of Steilacoom at
Steilacoom Historical Museum Association
1801 Rainier St.  Steilacoom, WA  98388
For more information about historic Steilacoom visit


We're Looking Forward to Seeing You!  

The Museum, Wagon Shop, and Museum Store    will be open 1:00 – 4:00 Saturdays and Sundays, September 26 – October 31. 

We have a new Exhibit, just right for the times: "Counting, Polling and Two More Firsts"

We are following all State COVID guidance. 
We are limiting how many can be inside 
at one time and everyone must wear a mask. 

   The Steilacoom Historical Museum's Store has gone           online. Many of our special items related to area history,     old-time games, books, clothing, toys, etc. are available.

   Click here to browse our selection.

   If you don't find what you're looking for, check back             later. We're adding new items weekly.
​Also on the Family Fun and Education Resources page, download SHMA's History Hunt. There are four pages, one with questions on the Orchard, one is a shorter downtown walking tour and two pages have the answers.
Museum Store
Have you taken the Steilacoom Historic Walking Tour? Download the brochure and map from the Family Fun and Education Resources page.